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Vespucci welcomes visitors to the "" website.
On this page you can find legal information relating to the privacy policy.


In relation to the requirements of the Regulation (EU) for the protection of personal data no. 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation or "GDPR"), the provisions of the GDPR apply to consumers residing in member countries of the European Union. Therefore, we wish to clarify that the personal data provided by the interested parties to Vespucci are and will be treated in full compliance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data.

To this end, the information required by art. 13 GDPR.

This information is provided pursuant to the GDPR to those who interact with the "" website.

The information is made only for the site in question and not for other websites that may be consulted by the interested parties through links.

1. Owner and manager of the treatment

The data controllers are:
• Francesco Tansella TNSFNC97H21G157L Osimo (AN) -21/06/1997
• Federico Visintini VSNFRC97R13L407O Treviso (TV) -13/10/1997
• Alberto Bordin BRDLRT95D12Z114G London (GB) -12/04/1995
• Lorenzo Roccati RCCLNZ96D12E715Q Lucca (LU) -12/04/1996,
which, from here on, are renamed "Gruppo Vespucci" or "Vespucci".

The data processor is the Wix web hosting, which processes the data on behalf of the owner. Wix (located at 2325 3rd Street, Suite 296, San Francisco, California 94107) acts in compliance with European regulations and the Privacy Shield Framework as determined by the United States Department of Commerce. Please also refer to the information provided by Wix itself.
In addition to the Data Controller, in some cases, categories of employees involved in the organization of the site or external subjects (such as third party technical service providers, hosting providers) may have access to the data.

Where strictly necessary, Vespucci may partially or totally make use of third party operators, who will be required to respect the confidentiality of the information acquired and not to use them for purposes other than those accepted by the user through this Notice.

The personal data provided by users / visitors will be communicated to third parties only if the communication is necessary to comply with the obligations and exercise the specific rights of the data controller or the data subject for the implementation of the purpose of the processing itself.

2. Type of data collected

Vespucci, the data controller collects personal data in two forms, automatically and on a voluntary basis. Data collected in an automated way:

While the Users are browsing, the following information may be collected and stored in the site's server (hosting) log files:
- internet protocol address (IP);
- type of browser;
- parameters of the device used to connect to the site;
- name of the internet service provider (ISP);
- date and time of visit;
- web page of origin of the visitor (referral) and exit;
- possibly the number of clicks.

These data are used for statistical and analytical purposes, in an exclusively aggregated form. The IP address is used exclusively for security purposes and is not crossed with any other data.

Data provided voluntarily:

The site may collect other data in case of voluntary use of services by users, such as commenting, communication services (contact forms, comment boxes), and will be used exclusively for the provision of the requested service:

- email address;
- any further data sent spontaneously by the user. (such as the optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails to the address or the voluntary provision of the e-mail address in the appropriate text box indicated on the site, which involves for its same nature the subsequent acquisition of the user's address, necessary to respond to requests, as well as any other personal data included in the message).

3. Purpose of the treatment

The data of the interested party indicated above are acquired by Vespucci of the interested party for the following purposes:

1. Aggregate analysis and statistical study of the behavior of the User using the site;
2. Allow to test the potential consumer interest in a product idea such as Olivia;
3. Fulfill the obligations established by laws, regulations, tax, accounting and European Union legislation, or by provisions issued by authorities and supervisory and control bodies in relation or in any case connected to the existing and / or future legal relationship;

The data of the interested party indicated above and collected on a voluntary basis are acquired by Vespucci for the following purposes:

1. Analysis of consumer preferences and tastes;
2. Respond to targeted needs put in place by the consumer, respond to communications received or fulfill requests made by the interested party;
3. Carry out activities (possibly also commercial) of creating a newsletter and mail marketing.

The processing of personal data for the purposes of this information is based on art. 6, par. 1 letter f) GDPR. For the purposes referred to in art. 3 of this Information, the legal basis of the processing, pursuant to art. 6, par. 1, lett. a) GDPR, is consent.

4. Communication and dissemination of data

The personal data referred to in clause 2 ("Type of data") may be disclosed to the following recipients:

1. Vespucci staff;
2. External subjects or companies that Vespucci can use for the execution of operational, administrative, accounting or auditing or certification activities, sending communications;
3. Companies, which collaborate with or assist Vespucci;
4. IT service company;
5. Authorities, control and / or surveillance bodies and public bodies.

5. Place of processing

The data processing activity is carried out in part within the borders of the European Union or the European Economic Area. The data are processed at the headquarters of the Data Controller, and at the Wix web hosting data center.

6. Transfer of data to non-EU countries

This site may share some of the data collected with services located outside the European Union area. In particular, with Google, Facebook and the Google Analytics service. The transfer is authorized on the basis of specific decisions of the European Commission, or on the basis of the standard contractual clauses of the individual services.

7. Security measures

The processing of visitor / user data is carried out in a lawful and correct manner, adopting the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or unauthorized destruction of the data.

The security of personal data is protected during their transmission, using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information in transit.

The processing is carried out using IT and / or telematic tools, with organizational methods and with logic strictly related to the purposes indicated. In addition to the Data Controller, in some cases, categories of employees involved in the organization of the site or external subjects (such as third party technical service providers, hosting providers) may have access to the data.

8. Processing methods

The data will be processed for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected, by the Data Controller and other authorized subjects, in compliance with the purposes of the processing.

The data of the interested parties will be kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes indicated in this Notice and in any case in compliance with legal obligations (Article 12 of the GDPR).

In the processing of data that can, directly or indirectly, identify the user, Vespucci respects a principle of strict necessity. For this reason Vespucci has configured the site in such a way that the use of user data is minimized in accordance with the principle of minimization.

Therefore, the processing of user data is excluded, when the purposes pursued in individual cases can be achieved through the use of anonymous data (such as, for example, in market research aimed at improving services) or through other methods that allow the data subject to be identified only in case of need or at the request of the authorities and police forces (such as, for example, for data relating to traffic and permanence on the Site or IP address).

9. Data retention period

The personal data of the interested parties will be kept, in their entirety, for the entire period necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes referred to in art. 3 of this Notice and for a subsequent maximum period of two years from the termination of the relationship with Vespucci, in compliance with legal obligations.

10. Access to personal data

It is specified that interested parties can check, confer and possibly modify the data recorded on the Site by sending an email to Interested parties can always verify the data that Vespucci holds by sending an e-mail to Vespucci reserves the right not to follow up on illegitimate or unfounded requests.

11. Exercise of the rights of the interested party

In relation to the processing of personal data covered by this information, the interested party will have the right to exercise the rights provided for in articles 15 to 22 GDPR, in particular the right to know the data processed by Vespucci, to have them integrated, modified or deleted. , or to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons, or to transfer them to another Data Controller.

To exercise these rights, the interested party can contact the Data Controller by sending an e-mail to Vespucci reserves the right not to follow up on illegitimate or unfounded requests.

12. Right to lodge a complaint or appeal

If an interested party considers that the processing of his personal data by Vespucci is in violation of the GDPR, he may lodge a complaint with the competent Personal Data Protection Authority, or appeal to the ordinary judicial authority.

13. Consent and withdrawal of consent

Pursuant to art. 6 and 7 GDPR consent to the processing of personal data is necessary, for the purposes referred to in clause 2.1. of this information.

The consent can be revoked at any time and without giving reasons, by forwarding the revocation declaration by e-mail to

The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on the same before the withdrawal.

14. Update of the Information

This information may be modified over time to adapt to changes in the relevant legislation or for reasons of commercial convenience. Any substantial variation will be published on the Site and the user is responsible for periodically monitoring the Site to inquire about the validity or modification of these conditions.

15. Applicable law

This Notice is governed by the Italian Privacy Guarantor and by the GDPR, where applicable, which governs the processing of personal data - including those held abroad - carried out by anyone residing in a Member State of the European Union. The GDPR guarantees that the processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the dignity of the data subject, with particular reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to protection of personal data.


1. Cookies

This Information, attached to the relevant Privacy Information, is aimed at the Users of the site, identified in the subjects who access the site and carry out activities therein in relation to which it is necessary to provide a privacy protection, as they are suitable for constituting a source from which to infer data relating to the cited subject.

In order to improve navigation on this website, Cookies can be used, short fragments of text that allow the web server to store information on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to be reused during the same visit to the Site. (session cookies) or later, even after days (persistent cookies). Cookies are stored, through the browser, according to your preferences. Similar technologies, such as, for example, web beacons, transparent GIFs and all forms of local storage introduced with HTML5, can be used to collect information on the use of the Site. similar technologies.

According to the duration, therefore, there are:

1. Session cookies, they are not stored on the user's device and are deleted when the browser is closed;

2. Persistent cookies are stored on the user's device and are deleted after a certain period.

According to the origin there are:

1. First-party cookies, installed directly by the operator of this site;

2. Third party cookies, installed by third parties with respect to the site manager.

According to the purpose there are:

1. Technical cookies, defined as cookies necessary to allow navigation of the site and the use of certain products and services. They are divided, in turn, into session cookies, used to ensure the normal navigation and use of the website and functionality cookies, which allow the user of the site to navigate on it according to a series of selected criteria (such as the language, the products selected for purchase, etc.) in order to improve the service rendered;

2. Statistical or "analytical" cookies: they are used for the purpose of optimizing the site, directly by the owner of the site, who can collect information in aggregate form on the number of users and on how they visit the site. Under these conditions, for analytics cookies, the same rules apply, in terms of information and consent, provided for technical cookies;

3. Cookies for storing preferences: these cookies are useful for promoting the correct use of the site by the user. They are used, for example, to keep track of the chosen language;

4. Advertising cookies: these cookies are intended to provide advertising spaces. They can be installed by the site owner or by third parties;

5. Social network cookies: these are cookies that allow you to share the contents of the site you are visiting with other users. These are the cookies typically used to activate the "Like" or "Follow" functions of Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter, just to name a few. These functions allow Social Networks to identify their users and collect information even while they browse other sites.

On there are technical cookies and analytics cookies for which consent is not required. This Site does not use user profiling cookies so, according to what is expressed by the Italian Privacy Guarantor, it is necessary to request explicit consent from the user.

The first type of cookie is used for the sole purpose of "transmitting a communication over an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the contractor or user to provide this service ". While the second is used only to produce aggregate statistics and in relation to a single site or a single mobile application.

Users are given the option to disable cookies that do not fall into the same category.

In fact, there will be third-party cookies:

- Google: on the reference site there is the Google Analytics service which, through the installation of cookies on the user's device, allows to collect data on the user's behavior and habits, in order to improve the service provided to him. .

It is important to underline that it is not possible to trace the specific individual who is the source of the aforementioned data.

The cookies installed for the operation and storage of preferences of the Google Maps widget are also considered to be owned by Google (therefore subject to the privacy regulations present at the following link inserted in this site;

The site manager reserves the right to modify the list of cookies or the purposes of some of them at any time, communicating this change to the interested party.

For any doubt or request to be submitted to the website manager, you can contact the email address:

In order to ensure maximum transparency for users who use our web services, the partners and their relative "user privacy policies" are listed below:


Third parties refrain from combining these analytics cookies with other processing (customer files or statistics of visits to other sites, for example) or from transmitting them to third parties.

We also remind you that Vespucci is not responsible for conduct by third parties that violate current legislation in the processing of such data.

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