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Demand Forecasting

Through Olivia, we provide restaurateurs with this information:

  1. How many customers to expect and what they will order,

  2. How many raw materials to order,

  3. How much staff to call in,

14 days in advance.


From now on, you can plan ahead with us.

Don't believe us?

Ask our customers.

And try the Olivia Challenge.

Request a product demo

If you're interested in finding out how Olivia works, request a demo!

Olivia Challenge

Curious to see how your forecasts stack up against the power of artificial intelligence?

Then it's time to take on our Olivia Challenge. Completely free for the first 10 days, this challenge kicks off as soon as you integrate your management system with Olivia. Every morning, you'll input your own forecast of the number of customers you expect (or daily revenue, depending on what you usually use), and then you'll have the chance to compare it with Olivia's generated forecast.

At the end of the period, we'll evaluate performance: we'll analyze how close your forecasts and ours were to the actual data and provide you with a detailed report.

This won't just show who was more accurate, but will also tell you how much you could have saved over the course of a year if you had used Olivia for your forecasts.

So why not give it a try? Test your intuition and discover the power of data-driven decisions with the Olivia Challenge!


If you want to know more

If you're interested in this solution and want to learn more, schedule a free meeting with one of our experts!

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